Wholesale activity


Agilera is a national wholesaler and retailer of radiopharmaceuticals used in the Norwegian market. Through our wholesale activity, we facilitate access to new, innovative radiopharmaceuticals for patients in Norway.

Agilera Wholesale serves as the wholesaler for radiopharmaceuticals and central radiopharmacy in Norway. We register and check measurements of all imports of pharmaceuticals.

We can import and supply all radiopharmaceuticals requested by nuclear medicine departments in Norwegian hospitals.

Agilera Wholesale focuses on sustainable processes and works closely with suppliers and nuclear medicine departments in Norwegian hospitals to establish good solutions.

Together with the Norwegian Hospital Procurement Trust and suppliers, we endeavour to ensure cost-effective deliveries to the hospital sector in Norway.

Agilera Wholesale receives funding from the Norwegian Medicines Agency to provide guidance and advice to nuclear medicine departments in Norwegian hospitals. This service will be further developed in 2023.